Effect of Variable Arrival & Service Times on Throughput & Utilization

Inspired by the “matchstick game” from The Goal, by Goldratt and Cox

Configuration & Control

Parameter URL Equivalent Range Value
* Job arrival and job processing are Poisson processes; i.e. interarrival and processing times are exponentially distributed.
Number of processing stations NumStations [1, ]
Initial job queue at each station StartQueue [0, ]
New job arrival rate (jobs per unit time)* ArrivalRate [0.01, .00]
Service rate (jobs per unit time) of each station* ServiceRate [0.01, .00]
Animation delay (in milliseconds) between events EventDelay [0, ]
Simulation run length, in simulated time units RunLength [1, ]
Statistics reset time, in simulated time units ResetTime [0, ]

Job Processing

Station Work Queue Next Event Time Idle Time
New Jobs      


Clock Initial Jobs New Jobs Finished Jobs Avg. Job Queue Avg. Time to Complete* Avg. Utilization
* Start-to-finish processing time, for jobs which begin and end during the simulation run.