Effect of Variable Processing Rates on Throughput

Inspired by the “matchstick game” from The Goal, by Goldratt and Cox

Configuration & Control

Parameter URL Equivalent Range Value
Number of processing stations NumStations [1, ]
Starting inventory at each station StartInventory [0, ]
Maximum processing rate per station per unit time DieSides [2, ]
Animation delay (in milliseconds) between roll of die and shipment ShipDelay [0, ]
Animation delay (in milliseconds) between shipment and next roll RollDelay [0, ]
Run length, in turns RunLength [1, ]
Statistics reset turn ResetTurn [0, ]

In-Process Inventory

Station Inventory Die Roll Shipped to Next
Raw Materials      


Turns Starting In-Process Inventory Raw Materials Added Finished Goods Shipped Average Finished Shipment Average Roll of the Die